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Here is the first chapter (a very short one) of my book that I am writing. I'll post each chapter as I get it done. You can comment or leave suggestions in the My Book - Comments thread. Any suggestions on a title for the book would be greatly appreciated.]

Chapter I: Nardia

The kingdom of Cairn was a large one. It extended from coast to coast in a wide band across the continent of Nardia. The two countries on either side of Cairn were known as Kitika and Rashna’k. Kitika lay north of Cairn. The people of Kitika were large and strong, and thus naturally were great warriors. They had a tenuous alliance with Cairn. In the South, lay Rashna’k.

From Rashna’k came the Raiders, the most feared of all humans in Nardia. They were excellent trackers, merciless fighters and most of all were trained to move silently. They were the perfect assassins; a whole army of them. In living memory Rashna’k had never been allied with either of the other countries. Occasionally they would lash out in fierce wars that invariably led to the Raiders crushing the enemy army. They could have ruled the entire continent, but they thought it would be too much trouble; instead they preferred to wander the deserts of Rashna’k. The Raiders did not have a king but rather a war leader. This was a position won by skill rather than birth.
The northern kingdom, Kitika, was ruled with the traditional feudal system. It was a country of snow and cold. The peasant class lived mainly on fishing and goat herding. This gave them everything they needed but for vegetables and fruits, which they traded for. They were tall, strong and fair-haired, as opposed to the Raiders who tended more towards being short, wiry and dark haired with skins tanned deeply from the bare sun of everyday life in Rashna’k.
The middle kingdom, Cairn, was the biggest and most populous of the three kingdoms. Most of the magicians in Nardia came from Cairn. The climate was warm through most of the year, with a short but cold winter. There was a general tendency to fair skin and dark hair among this people. They also were ruled by the typical feudal system, with a number of earls and barons ruled by a central king. The principals of chivalry and knighthood abounded.
Three generations ago, in 1809, King Elestar of Cairn and King Rolf of Kitika formed an alliance against the Rashna’k warleader, Faldrin. Together they were able to beat the Raiders into a reluctant draw, and ever since, the alliance remained. Occasionally individual groups of Kitikans would raid the outlying fiefs of Cairn, but they were of little consequence and there was no real hostility between the two nations. But now in the present, 1867, the people of Rashna’k were gathering together again, the disparate bands of Raiders joining together into an army under a new warleader, Araol. He was a magician, possibly the most powerful Rashna’ki magician in history. He had killed the previous warleader, Tardag, for the position. Two weeks ago a party of Raiders hacked their way across western Cairn and through to Kitika. If they succeeded in treating with Herold, the current king of Kitika, Cairn’s fate would be dire indeed. King Eric of Cairn immediately upon hearing the woeful tidings set his own diplomatic party to Kitika. They arrived at the Kitikan capital before the Rashna’k and reconfirmed the treaty of alliance. As they later learned, the Rashna’k party had been caught in a snowstorm and then savaged by a pack of the huge mountain wolves while traveling across the Arcin mountains that separated the borders of Cairn and Kitika.

The mountians were thus named after the great King Arca of Kitika who had once held the one, narrow pass with only a hundred men against the entire army of the Cairnians. Arca was the father of King Rolf, with whom the treaty of alliance was first made. King Arca died in the battle, but the pass was held and the invaders repulsed. Rolf had immediately treated with the king of Cairn at that time, King Albert, and that was how to alliance was first forged. King Albert would not have normally agreed, but just then the Raiders were gathering to sweep across the southern part of Cairn. With the help of the Kitikans, they fought the Raiders near a small village in the southwest of Cairn. The battle was named after the village, the Battle of Joudon, and noted in the annals of history as one of the few times the Raiders had been repulsed.

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