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    Humor : Why are cooks so meen? Becuse they beet the eggs and whip the creem
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    Humor : So this mad scientist makes this chair that can detect lies. If someone lies while sitting in it, it folds up underneath them. He needs some people to test it out on, so when a redhead, a blonde and a brunette walk by, he asks them if they want to try it out. The brunette sits down and says, "I think I am the prettiest---" and the chair folds up under her. Next the redhead sits down. "I think I am the smartest---" and the chair folds up under her. The blonde sits down. "I think---" and the chair folds up under her. Lol I <3 this joke!
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    Humor : Three guys walk into a bar, the fourth one ducks. ----- A guy walks into a bar... Ouch! :-)
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